Fun Machine Voted Receivers

We’re currently in the process of installing a voted receiver in Pueblo and another voted receiver at Cedarwood with a 100 watt transmitter at the Cedarwood site on 449.975/444.975.  We’re hoping that the transmitter at Cedarwood will provide the same and better coverage to the East, North and South with awesome receiver coverage from the current Pueblo site and the new receiver at Cedarwood.  Stay tuned, to my knowledge this will be the first voted receiver in southern Colorado!

North and South networks joined!

Update:  The fun machine joined forces with RMHAM in building the southern microwave ‘backbone’ to carry audio/video/data.  The northern and southern networks were joined on June 27, 2014 with WØVG basically driving the golden spike as he cut routes from public internet sources over to the private microwave.  We’re now proud to say our network stretches from Ft Collins up north to Boone which is 20 miles east of Pueblo.  Stay tuned, we’re not done yet!!!