Thank YOU!

A lot of this is pretty dated but still really relevant!

A very special THANK YOU!!! to all who have donated. Without these guys and gals the system wouldn’t be what it is today!

K1DDN Amanda (my wife) for allowing me to spend personal finances and TONS of time and energy on this project!

WB0WDF Dennis for equipment, your vast knowledge, time and money and for allowing us to locate the remote base at the fully solar Cripple Creek site.

WA0NLK Phil for time, knowledge, testing and programming. A lot of what we’re doing wouldn’t have been possible without you!

K0ONV Ron for hosting the canon city node and “…no traffic!”

KC0MDQ Larry for hosting two microwave shots in canon city.

RMHAM (K2AD Doug, W0VG John, K0RM Jeff, N0VBY Mike, K0GUR Mike and many others) for donating and/or loaning equipment furthering the cause!

The app_rpt group, authors and contributors for all you’ve done!

KC0CTN Jeff 2 for guidance, encouragement and testing!

N0OBV Jim for your knowledge and equipment!

The Royal Gorge Amateur Radio Club for the site and tower space.

K0ONV Ron for the Canon City tower space and site.

Pueblo West Fire Dept for the Pueblo West site.

KD0MBL Neal for testing, time and being the best ambassador (mo bedda)!

KC0OYO Stan for hosting the pueblo west node.

WD0EKR Jim for time, equipment and your vast knowledge!

KB0TUC Royal Gorge Amateur Radio Club for encourragement, fellowship and a home for various equipment.

Dave Wilson (my former boss) for making the system possible in the first place!

The town of Boone for use of a repeater site.

Cotopaxi Fire/Rescue for the site and tower space.

WZ0N Walter for making the Methodist link happen

Chaffee County EMS for equipment donated at Methodist

Mark Young for donating materials to make the Methodist site come-together