The “Fun Machine” is a system built and deployed for emcom (Emergency Communications) use.  The Fun Machine and it’s affiliates believe in promoting use of the system, first for emcom and second for staying in touch, teaching and learning!  When it’s not being used for emcom it’s a regional system giving amateurs the opportunity to stay in touch and discuss anything from the weather to technical topics.  We can be a bit goofy some times but easily switch to our “serious” face during an incident or event.  We do allow incoming internet connections except when the system is linked to various local nets or other emcom duties as the connects/disconnects are quite disruptive.  I ask for a favor from all fun machine users, please be ambassadors to the hobby and the system.  If you hear a new call sign on the system, don’t hesitate to say “hi” and “welcome”!

Our system is built from the asterisk/app_rpt software and industrial computers run the nodes.  Almost everything you see on the Fun Link Status is connected via private microwave between Pueblo, Canon City, Pueblo West and Boone.  The longest microwave shot is about 42 miles at 5.6gHz.  Cotopaxi is an RF link until a microwave path can be established.  The system now has about 115 miles of microwave links and about 100 miles from Methodist in the west to Boone in the east.

Update:  The fun machine joined forces with RMHAM in building the southern microwave ‘backbone’ to carry audio/video/data.  The northern and southern networks were joined on June 27, 2014 with WØVG basically driving the golden spike as he cut routes from public internet sources over to the private microwave.  We’re now proud to say our network stretches from Ft Collins up north to Boone which is 20 miles east of Pueblo.  Stay tuned, we’re not done yet!!!

They’re also aprstt enabled so if you’re traveling and familiar with arpstt you’re in luck.  If you’re not familiar see this website APRStt

Watch Amanda K1DDN on Ham Nation live on Wednesday nights 7pm local time with Bob Heil, Gordon West and George Thomas.

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