Repeater “kerchunking”

We strive to give everyone a good experience here and many folks like to monitor the system.  Recently there have been an excessive amount of “kerchunks” on the system.  Simply keying your radio on every repeater in range to see if you can “hear” it without saying your call sign is not acceptable.  It also serves no purpose.  Just because you can “kerchunk” the repeater doesn’t mean that you can be heard.  If you want to know if your setup is working give your call sign and ask for a radio check.  Some of the control operators will switch off the receiver where the “kerchunks” are coming from if they are so excessive that they become a problem.  Sorry for the rant but we’ve received complaints from many of the users regarding excessive “kerchunking”.  Bob wrote a quick note on the proper way to kerchunk, the link is below.  If you want to live dangerously google “repeater kerchunk”.